New ideas – New thinking

We’re looking for original and distinctive
perspectives on Ireland’s future.

The Brief

RTÉ2, in association with Yellow Asylum Films, are inviting entries for a national television essay competition which will aim to present new visions of the future, to be broadcast as a three-part series on RTÉ2 and online.

This is not in the realm of predicting the future, but rather articulating creative ideas about how that future might actually be shaped for the public good.

The context for these essays is one of global turmoil. Shared values and public good seem increasingly devalued. Therefore, these essays could focus upon political or social issues, or on ethical or philosophical considerations. Perhaps a unique combination of all of these.

While the brief is open-ended, radical and thought-provoking visions will be especially encouraged. In essence, we’re looking for original ideas conveyed in an original way. These ideas can be about anything but they should stimulate thought and provoke considerable debate. The focus can be wide or narrow. They should be fresh and thoughtful or they could be new ways of understanding old ideas.

Do you have passionate views of how we
might shape the next century?

How will it work?

Entries to be submitted using the form on this site. It can be a conventional essay but equally it could be a series of cartoons, a short film, photographs, a storyboard, a piece of graffiti – anything that can convey your thought process and your ideas.

From these, a jury will shortlist ten entries which will then be published on this site.

Three entries will be further selected to go into television production. The winning authors will be able to direct and/or present their vision on television.

They will be given professional production support and a first-rate technical team.

The finished programmes will be broadcast on RTÉ2 at prime time.

The project will be managed by Yellow Asylum Films, one of Ireland’s leading independent production companies. The series mentor will be the award-winning director Alan Gilsenan. The producer will be Martin Mahon, who has produced all Yellow Asylum Films work to date.

The deadline for entries is
Monday, 16th March 2015.


Mar 16th 2015 – Competition Deadline

Once all entries have been received on Mar 16th 2015 a panel will then select a shortlist of ten entries to be published on the site. These ten will then be sent for interview with the jury.

April 2015 – Shortlist Interviews

Interviews with the jury will take place in early April. From here three entrants wil be selected to go forward into television production.

June/July 2015 – Production

Aug/Sept 2015 – Post Production

Autumn 2015 – Broadcast on RTÉ2